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Over 20 Years of Experience Sealing Massachusetts Buildings

Nova Caulking has become a leading caulking and sealing contractor in Massachusetts, with over 20 years of experience and expertise. We are able to handle all types of caulking and sealing needs—from simple to complex—and always provide the best in customer service.

Even the most well-built businesses can develop gaps around windows and doors, the roof, and other areas. Gaps let water leak into your business, cause drafts and air loss (resulting in higher energy bills), and let in pests—all causing damage. Nova uses advanced compounds and technology to provide a durable, protective, long-lasting seal.

We will work 24/7 to ensure minimal disruption to your business. Most of our work is commercial, yet we do often take on specialized, single-unit residential work.

New Construction, Renovations, Service Work & Repairs

  • Structural elastomeric caulking
  • Wet seal caulking
  • Cut out & re-caulking
  • Glass-to-glass glazing
  • Masonry expansion joints
  • Sidewalk caulking/sealing
  • Exterior/interior painting
  • Occupied repaints
  • Painting multi-storied complexes
  • Stain doors and trim packs

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Commercial and Residential Caulking & Painting Contractor Serving all of Massachusetts.

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